Navigator GPS System


The Fulcrum Navigator Satellite is designed specifically for use with bait boats in mind.

Once you have located your desired location (normally found with the use of the Echo Sounder) you can return your terminal tackle, bait and free offerings to the same position time and time again with pin-point accuracy. It goes without saying this will provide you with a massive edge during the hours of darkness or indeed when the lake is covered in fog. Once your area has been located this can then be stored for future trips. In fact you can store up to 75 different locations from any lake in the world.


Watch the video clip to see it’s ease of use.

The system comprises two parts, a boat transponder which contains the satellite receiver and a shore based handset mounted LCD display. The boat transponder is usually powered directly by the boat and the display by internal rechargeable NMH batteries.

The boat transponder uses satellites to find it’s location on earth and sends this information to the shore based unit. The shore unit then calculates where the boat is, relative to the ‘marker’ and provides simple distance and direction indications as to how to get to the marker. In addition to this, the display indicates the voltage of the boat battery together with an ability to warn you when the boat battery is getting low.


Another very useful feature on the display is an arrow indicating which direction the boat is heading - obvious at fifty yards but not quite so easy at two hundred in poor light. When the transponder is initially connected to the baitboat it will usually take about 40 seconds to obtain a fix. It can take longer under certain poor signal circumstances and locations.

To navigate to the current marker you use the boat symbol to represent yourself driving the boat. If the marker appears to the right of the boat then the boat needs to be steered right until the marker symbol is directly in front of the boat symbol and vice-versa.

Once the boat is central and within the large marker symbol you are within a few meters of the stored marker. Once you are within one meter of the marker the unit will issue a triple beep. You can use this sound to trigger the dropping of bait and/or line on this spot.

GPS Power Supply

Accurate baiting and hook placement time and time again.

GPS Navigator System Power Supply: The "Navigator Power Supply" would have to be used in conjunction with either the Procat or another manufacturers boat. The power supply is fully rechargeable and is attached to a horizontal surface on top of the boat via the use of Velcro strips (supplied).

Download the Operating Instructions

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