Servicing & Repairs

Servicing & Repairs:

We service and repair any of our boats regardless of age. Even if the boat has been opened and work attempted by a third party.


During a service the boat is opened up and all aspects, listed below, of the boat are inspected. adjusted or replaced.

Internal Wiring

Battery Connectors

Main Fuse

Charging Socket (if applicable)

Aerial; Socket (if applicable)

On/Off Button

Navigation LEDs

Power LED (if applicable)

Door Release Mechanism

Main Printed Circuit Board

Radio Receiver

Motor / Pumps and governing electronics

When all the relevant work is complete then the boat is Tested on the lake to ensure all operational functions are working correctly and the boat is achieving maximum operating range


Any operational issues can be investigated / repaired individually. If the customer requires a quotation for the repair then please state that in the accompanying letter. Once the investigation into the issue is concluded then we can contact the customer and advise them of our findings and the relevant costs.


When the boat is being returned you can send the parcel by your own access to a courier or you can call us on 01666 575144 and take option 1. They will take all your details and arrange a national courier to call and collect the parcel.